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What is 1-1-1-1 name doesn’t explain much about itself. But today, I am going to explain it to you in a straightforward way. can be a very useful service if you know how to use it. It provides some useful benefits to its users.

What is is a DNS service provided by a company named Cloudflare that converts human-friendly domain names (e.g. example.com) into IP addresses. This is why is also called a DNS resolver.

How Works?

When the configured device makes a request to a server using the domain name, works as a DNS resolver and converts the domain name into an IP address. Computers (like mobile, laptop, and tablet) use lP addresses to connect. Computers don’t know what the domain name is and what server they are associated with. can convert domain names into IP addresses very fast, that’s why using feels like it has boosted the connection speed.

When a user types the domain name in the browser and hits enter, the device makes a request to the DNS resolver (in this case After receiving the request, the DNS resolver looks in the cache records or servers and tries to get the IP associated with the domain. After it finds the IP associated with the domain name, the DNS resolver returns the IP to the device. And now the device can make the request.

What are the benefits of using

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides you with a DNS resolver in case you have not configured one. So, there is no absolute need to use but still, there are some benefits of using which can be the reason to use

There are benefits of using

  • is a very fast DNS resolver. It converts domain names into IP addresses so fast which makes connectivity to other websites and servers very fast.
  • It makes your online activity more private by encrypting most of the DNS queries your device produces.
  • It can block harmful websites before loading which makes the internet safer to use.
  • has disclosed that it doesn’t log and sell user activity data.
  • is mostly free to use and anyone can use it.
  • It can be set up on any device like a router, desktop, mobile etc.

How to setup

Depending on your device & the operating system you use, the process of setting up can vary.

You can follow any of these guides depending on your operating system. By following the steps shown in these guides you can set up as a DNS resolver for your device.

For other operating systems, there are also guides available. You can look for them here: Setup

Following these guides is the most effective way to set up as a DNS resolver but it can be a hard thing to do for many people.

However, can be set up on any device very easily just by installing an app named Cloudflare Warp.

Cloudflare Warp is available for almost every kind of device and operating system.

You can download it for your device from’s official website.

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